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Oklahomans for Reproductive Justice (OK4RJ) consists of a group of young Okies dedicated to caring and advocating for Oklahomans, using community and grassroots approaches to raise awareness and advocate for access to full reproductive freedom for all, regardless of race, class, ability, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We believe that social justice issues are inseparable from reproductive issues and advocate for a holistic view of reproductive justice Visit our site at ok4rj.org
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Albuquerque is voting on a city-wide 20 week abortion ban TODAY. This ban would clearly impede access significantly for folks in ABQ and New Mexico. Even more, Southwest Women’s Options provides abortions after the second trimester in a region where bans such as this one are prevalent, making it important to abortion access for the entire region. We’ll update you as we can.

Given the current trend of comparing abortion to idolatrous child sacrifice, this couldn’t have been more convenient story for anti-choicers seeking to demonize their opposition. Thankfully, many reproductive health advocates have a good sense of humor. Despite the shit-storm happening across America with puritanical reproductive restrictions, several people happily took time out to poke fun at our new Satanic label for a day. (Cause you know, it’s not just one girl being cheeky or even a handful of people. It’s ALL pro-choice activists!) When a male member of the UK Church of Satan denounced the supposed group chanting, the anti-choice crowd latched on to spin a new story: You guys are worse than self-identified Lucifer enthusiasts!

Still, while the whole thing is amusing, it shows how little things have changed since, you know, actual Puritans first showed up and began colonizing North America. Like their relatives in Europe, our Puritan friends were all too eager to assume that women who didn’t fit the mold of a proper, faithful lady – i.e. childless, independent, unmarried, opinionated – were up to no good and making deals with the Devil. Here we are hundreds of years later, and women seeking bodily autonomy are assumed to be evil.


if you have your own story that sen. davis can use as fuel for this filibuster please submit your wordy testimony for her to share with the senate!! we’ve made it to the last 6 hours and with the support of survivors and activists she can postpone the passing of this outrageous and savage bill

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Heartening as it is to associate certain platitudes with an “R-Grove” at the end of the letter, we have to understand that true reproductive justice in Oklahoma cannot be achieved through frameworks fundamentally ill-suited for the political and demographic realities of the state. The movement Oklahomans need rejects medical paternalism and the medical industrial complex, resists the temptation to restigmatize reproductive health bogeymen like poor families, young parents, and abortion care, and does not feel the need to balance advocacy for basic healthcare with a mental image of “800 babies”.
HB 1305 is here to ban all the abortions which are based on gender selection. If you identify as a woman, it’s not like you’re a real person anyway, but North Dakota made this one for you, baby. HB 1305 also bans abortion on the basis of “genetic abnormalities”. This vague phrasing is conducive to equating “going to an abortion provider” with “being evil and choosing your spawn according to aesthetics.” There is no such thing as bodily autonomy because dammit Jim, you’re a reproductive receptacle, not a person with decision making abilities.
At a very simplistic level, the fetus-crazed religious crew are attempting to voice what they call injustice against babies. As I understand it: babies are productive members of society and if you identify as a woman, you’re taking up space. We want more business-minded babies with degrees in how Jesus was an asshole to the poor.

For nearly three years, Trust Women has worked to reestablish reproductive healthcare services in Wichita and the day has finally arrived that we can say, "It’s happening!"We are finally ready to open our first clinic. 

This facility will mean women in the Wichita area can be assured that, for the first time in nearly four years, they have quality abortion care that doesn’t require a 3+ hour drive.  The non-abortion care we will provided, from annual exams and STI testing to obstetric and post-natal care, will help close the gap in gynecological services in the Wichita area.

Help our friends over at TW out - let’s kick this thing off in style.