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Oklahomans for Reproductive Justice (OK4RJ) consists of a group of young Okies dedicated to caring and advocating for Oklahomans, using community and grassroots approaches to raise awareness and advocate for access to full reproductive freedom for all, regardless of race, class, ability, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We believe that social justice issues are inseparable from reproductive issues and advocate for a holistic view of reproductive justice Visit our site at ok4rj.org
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Doctors under contract with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation sterilized nearly 150 female inmates from 2006 to 2010 without required state approvals, The Center for Investigative Reporting has found.

What a week! I got a tooth filled and then accidentally overdosed on OTC cough syrup. I’m okay now, thanks for asking. Yes, I’m a grown up. No, I don’t wanna talk about it anymore.

So if the personhood bill were, umm, a person..it would’ve died last week and then came back to life this week. Like a zombie! or Jesus! Or Harry Potter! I guess it was hungry for the tears of legislators like Rep. Steve Vaughns of Ponca City. Mmm. Salty.  Dude gave my favorite Wonka Waterfall a run for the money in the WAAAAH! category. Basically the ‘Personhood USA’ people were not gonna take it when Rep. Steel said last week that the house will not be voting on SB1433. So they got together and sent out a threatening letter. HOW SWEET.  

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