Oklahomans for Reproductive Justice

Oklahomans for Reproductive Justice (OK4RJ) consists of a group of young Okies dedicated to caring and advocating for Oklahomans, using community and grassroots approaches to raise awareness and advocate for access to full reproductive freedom for all, regardless of race, class, ability, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We believe that social justice issues are inseparable from reproductive issues and advocate for a holistic view of reproductive justice Visit our site at ok4rj.org
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I’ve been thinking about patterns lately. Not the aesthetically-pleasing type, either. No, I’ve been thinking about large-scale patterns of abuse, destruction, and decline. Hate to break it to you, but the global economy is in the terlet and our fossil-fuel based industrial capitalism is straight-up collapsing in on itself, and that is not fear-mongering. Hate to break another thing to you, but our government has been bought and paid for by corporations, and that is not a conspiracy theory. Hate to preach to the choir, but elected officials have been rolling back reproductive rights for a minute now. Whew! Aren’t you glad we got that out of the way?

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