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Oklahomans for Reproductive Justice (OK4RJ) consists of a group of young Okies dedicated to caring and advocating for Oklahomans, using community and grassroots approaches to raise awareness and advocate for access to full reproductive freedom for all, regardless of race, class, ability, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We believe that social justice issues are inseparable from reproductive issues and advocate for a holistic view of reproductive justice Visit our site at ok4rj.org
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Albuquerque is voting on a city-wide 20 week abortion ban TODAY. This ban would clearly impede access significantly for folks in ABQ and New Mexico. Even more, Southwest Women’s Options provides abortions after the second trimester in a region where bans such as this one are prevalent, making it important to abortion access for the entire region. We’ll update you as we can.

“Reproductive justice” is more than the sum of its parts! Even if an organization or campaign is associated with both reproduction AND justice, that entity is not necessarily embodying the tenets of reproductive justice. Asking “does this center the needs and elevate the voices of women of color?” is a pretty solid way of figuring it out. Lastly – keep in mind that reproductive justice activists often find themselves in an adversarial position in relation to health and rights-based groups, acting as a check on problems like exclusivity and access.




If Texas Governor Rick Perry thinks he can talk shit about New York and not hear from Lewis Black, he’s got another thing coming.

Visit NYmiddlefingerTX.com to watch the full, uncensored PSA from last night’s Daily Show.

Just no. nope. this is awful. 

Fuck Rick Perry. Fuck the GOP. But saying “Fuck you” to the entire state of Texas paints everyone in the state as a backward, ignorant redneck. I’m sure New Yorkers don’t want others to stereotype and dismiss them based on what NY politicians say and do (ahem, Bloomberg defending stop-and-frisk). Texans deserve the same courtesy.

Like NYC, Texas also has metropolitan areas. Like NYC, Texas is diverse. Houston is the most diverse city in the US now. You can get most any type of food there and at late hours as well. I’m not trying to argue Texas is better than New York, but it’s unfair to ignore all the nuances  present in a state (especially b/c stereotypes about red states contribute to a lack of funding for progressive activists & politicians in Flyover Country). 

Yes, what Rick Perry did was embarrassing and shitty, but I do not think Texans will benefit from Perry stealing jobs from New York. He is enticing businesses to come to Texas with the promise of a deregulated, free market economy, which comes at the expense of worker’s rights. And there are people in Texas working against Perry and his policies. They need support from people on the coasts not to be shit on and erased THE NIGHT BEFORE PERRY SIGNED THE ANTI-ABORTION OMNI-BUS BILL.

Our own Mallory (cosby—sweater) breaking it down!

Doctors under contract with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation sterilized nearly 150 female inmates from 2006 to 2010 without required state approvals, The Center for Investigative Reporting has found.

HB 1305 is here to ban all the abortions which are based on gender selection. If you identify as a woman, it’s not like you’re a real person anyway, but North Dakota made this one for you, baby. HB 1305 also bans abortion on the basis of “genetic abnormalities”. This vague phrasing is conducive to equating “going to an abortion provider” with “being evil and choosing your spawn according to aesthetics.” There is no such thing as bodily autonomy because dammit Jim, you’re a reproductive receptacle, not a person with decision making abilities.
At a very simplistic level, the fetus-crazed religious crew are attempting to voice what they call injustice against babies. As I understand it: babies are productive members of society and if you identify as a woman, you’re taking up space. We want more business-minded babies with degrees in how Jesus was an asshole to the poor.

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Yet, since 1973, many states have passed feticide measures and laws restricting access to safe abortion care that, like so-called “personhood” measures, encourage state actors to treat eggs, embryos, and fetuses as if they are legally separate from the pregnant woman. We found that these laws have been used as the basis for a disturbing range of punitive state actions in every region of the country and against women of every race, though disproportionately against women in the South, low-income women and African-American women.

Lynn Paltrow and Jeanne Flavin, New Study Reveals Impact of Post-Roe v. Wade Anti-abortion Measures on Women*

*not just women get pregnant