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If Texas Governor Rick Perry thinks he can talk shit about New York and not hear from Lewis Black, he’s got another thing coming.

Visit NYmiddlefingerTX.com to watch the full, uncensored PSA from last night’s Daily Show.

Just no. nope. this is awful. 

Fuck Rick Perry. Fuck the GOP. But saying “Fuck you” to the entire state of Texas paints everyone in the state as a backward, ignorant redneck. I’m sure New Yorkers don’t want others to stereotype and dismiss them based on what NY politicians say and do (ahem, Bloomberg defending stop-and-frisk). Texans deserve the same courtesy.

Like NYC, Texas also has metropolitan areas. Like NYC, Texas is diverse. Houston is the most diverse city in the US now. You can get most any type of food there and at late hours as well. I’m not trying to argue Texas is better than New York, but it’s unfair to ignore all the nuances  present in a state (especially b/c stereotypes about red states contribute to a lack of funding for progressive activists & politicians in Flyover Country). 

Yes, what Rick Perry did was embarrassing and shitty, but I do not think Texans will benefit from Perry stealing jobs from New York. He is enticing businesses to come to Texas with the promise of a deregulated, free market economy, which comes at the expense of worker’s rights. And there are people in Texas working against Perry and his policies. They need support from people on the coasts not to be shit on and erased THE NIGHT BEFORE PERRY SIGNED THE ANTI-ABORTION OMNI-BUS BILL.

Our own Mallory (cosby—sweater) breaking it down!

Given the current trend of comparing abortion to idolatrous child sacrifice, this couldn’t have been more convenient story for anti-choicers seeking to demonize their opposition. Thankfully, many reproductive health advocates have a good sense of humor. Despite the shit-storm happening across America with puritanical reproductive restrictions, several people happily took time out to poke fun at our new Satanic label for a day. (Cause you know, it’s not just one girl being cheeky or even a handful of people. It’s ALL pro-choice activists!) When a male member of the UK Church of Satan denounced the supposed group chanting, the anti-choice crowd latched on to spin a new story: You guys are worse than self-identified Lucifer enthusiasts!

Still, while the whole thing is amusing, it shows how little things have changed since, you know, actual Puritans first showed up and began colonizing North America. Like their relatives in Europe, our Puritan friends were all too eager to assume that women who didn’t fit the mold of a proper, faithful lady – i.e. childless, independent, unmarried, opinionated – were up to no good and making deals with the Devil. Here we are hundreds of years later, and women seeking bodily autonomy are assumed to be evil.


if you have your own story that sen. davis can use as fuel for this filibuster please submit your wordy testimony for her to share with the senate!! we’ve made it to the last 6 hours and with the support of survivors and activists she can postpone the passing of this outrageous and savage bill

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In the end, it also comes down to something Melissa McEwan wrote here at Shakesville:

'Of course is to say nothing of the zoning laws that allowed a fertilizer plant to exist in such close proximity to residences and schools. Many residents say they saw it coming, and, naturally, because we live in a garbage culture full of victim-blaming and tasking individuals with solutions for systemic problems, there is already a lot of “why didn't they move?” where “this plant was irresponsible and deregulation is a fucking nightmare” should be.'

Anyone who lives in a space where they are the political minority and they talk to someone who agrees with their politics but lives in a place where those politics are in the majority have heard the “why don’t you just move?” as if that is a viable or useful response. It is an excuse that refuses to take into account at all people’s lived experiences, their desires to be near family or friends, the pressing issue of finding a new job in a new place, or people’s complete inability economically to just pick up and move (to be able to do that is a privilege). It is a conversation killer and, as McEwan wrote, victim-blaming.


Friends and followers, I am part of the wonderful organizing committee that is bringing you Take Root: Red State Perspectives on Reproductive Justice on February 15th and 16th, 2013. The conference will be a meeting of activists, writers, bloggers, organizers, students, providers, and community members across the country to talk about the reproductive justice front lines in the challenging environment of red and conservative states.

This year we’re happy to feature Loretta Ross, founder and the National Coordinator of the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective as our keynote speaker. Loretta has been a leader and an inspiration for reproductive justice organizing for the last 25 years and is generally just a phenomenal speaker and person. 

In addition, we’ll hear from folks from National Advocates for Pregnant Women, Flyover Feminism, COLOR, OK4RJ, and many more!

Best of all, young people from states like Oklahoma and our neighboring states will be leading vital discussions at this conference that reflects our needs, analysis, expertise, and ideas as part of this movement. Last year over 200 people came and we’re preparing for even more!


You can also donate to sponsor a panel or help a student attend the conference here (be sure to write “Take Root” where it asks for the purpose of your donation)

Reblog, share widely, talk about it with your friends! It’s going to be a fantastic event, you won’t want to miss it.

I have driven probably 10,000 miles on I-35 in my lifetime and it’s inspired a lot of my blog posts. A lot of people find the long stretches of highway in red states across flat prairie really boring, but I confront my own fears nowhere better. Lately when driving I’ve just felt an intense pride in the people who work and live here despite what coasties and other misguided/wrong folk might say about us. So I figured this was as good an opportunity as any to highlight a couple of TOTALLY AMAZING things that people are doing in red states along this highway (even if the city they’re in isn’t).

Let’s start with the southern point: Texas! The Keystone XL Pipeline, a system of pipelines carrying crude oil from tar sands in Canada to multiple US cities, is a pretty awful, environment-tribal sovereignty-water supply-destroying endeavor. Have you heard about the fantastic Texas folks opposing its construction?

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from the article:

Planned Parenthood said the new rules will force 48,000 women to look for health care elsewhere.

"Once and for all, we implore Texas to put politics aside and put women’s health first," said Kenneth Lambrecht, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas. “It is shocking that state officials would rather end low-income women’s access to family planning and preventive health services altogether than allow Planned Parenthood to provide these vital health services.”


RH Reality Check Texas reporter Andrea Grimes searches, in vain, for a pap smear among the providers the state of Texas says should be available to provide one. Watch and listen and read the rest of our reporting on the Texas Women’s Health Program here.

from rhrealitycheck.org -

Federal district court judge Lee Yeakel agreed and blocked the rule from going into effect. But the Fifth Circuit did not and in lifting the injunction blocking the rule, held that Texas has broad authority to regulate its state health program and as part of that regulation can include discriminate against entities the court said promoted a “pro-abortion point of view.”